What is Reach Your Target?

Reach Your Target is an upcoming health and fitness website dedicated to teaching and learning everything there is to know about living a healthy lifestyle.

As the name suggests, we have one main goal: helping you reach your target. We consolidate the best information on keeping fit and healthy and how it can help you to meet your goals when working.

What will we teach you about fitness?

The main topics we’ll be covering are workouts. These are exercises and routines that you can practice in the gym which can help to improve your overall lifts and, as our name suggests: Reach Your Target.

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall endurance and make yourself fighting fit, or looking to improve your main lifts. We’ll be putting together workout plans and reports on specific training exercises and routines that can help you get the results you want.

If your target is bodybuilding, power lifting, crossfit, football, bouldering, supplements, or something else entirely, there’s something in here that you will be able to use.

Of course, there will be some crossover between these categories, but we’ll try to keep them as focused as possible.

The type of things these articles will cover are:

  • The Workout Itself – A detailed description of what it is.
  • Who It’s For – What sport or activity it is best suited for.
  • The Benefits – Understand why you’re doing this exercise and how it can help you.
  • How to Use It – Suggestions of rep ranges and when you should aim to perform the activity.
  • Who’s Known for It – Details of any fitness figures (if any) who have been known for using these exercises in their training.

It’s a good resource to learn new exercises that can help grow your training repertoire and get better at your sport.

Who is ReachYourTarget.org?

We’re a small group of individuals who have been searching for a resource like that and have come up empty handed. The main site runner is Darren Hansen.

Darren has a long history with lifting weights, and has been seen regularly in and out of the gym for the best part of the last decade – he has a great deal of knowledge but doesn’t consider himself an expert. That’s one of the reasons he started this site.

His goal is to explore different areas of fitness in ways he never has done before. By looking at exercises for different sports, his aim is to find new innovative ways to reach his targets and get improve his current results in the gym.

Stacey Windham on the other hand is a supplement expert. She compiles reviews of the latest and greatest options on the market to ensure you’re getting the best from your body.

This website will not only be a resource for you to learn about these exercises, but also a testament to Darren to ensure that he is keeping to his promise of trying new exercises in the world of fitness.

Once the site is fully operational, we will open up comments and social media pages for you to fully interact with the site and suggest future exercises for Darren to report on.


As we’ve mentioned, Stacey will be championing the supplements section of Reach Your Target. Using her expert knowledge, she reviews and compiles all relevant information on the best supplements on the market to ensure you find the option for you.

Here are some of the highlights of what Stacey has been working on:

What You Should Remember:

This site is not our day job. It is our hobby. All the information on this website comes from our own independent research, if you have any concerns before performing any of the exercises listed on this site, you should check with your doctor, or a fitness professional first.

ReachYourTarget.org exists for you to learn about fitness and improve your overall performance. We aim to help you as much as we can, but there are some tasks that are best suited to professionals.

That said, when we open up the Contact forms, your questions, criticism and general feedback are more than welcome and we’ll try to help out where we can.

What we’re planning first:

Darren’s main passion is power-lifting. There are several exercises in that field that he is more than familiar with. By the way our content plan is looking, those will be the first few articles to go up on the website. After that, it’s all new territory.

It’s going to be a hell of a journey and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

Wish us luck!

– ReachYourTarget.org Team